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Biologists spot California’s lone gray wolf

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OR7, the internationally known lone gray wolf that strayed into California from Oregon (presumably looking for a mate) is still calling the golden state home. The wolf, also known as “Journey,” had a close encounter of the human kind when wildlife biologist Richard Shinn spotted (and photographed) the animal in the hills of Modoc County in northern California.

As reported by Pete Thomas Outdoors, Shinn was with a federal trapper and state game warden informing local ranchers that the wolf had been detected in the area on GPS when the sighting occurred.

"There, all of a sudden, out pops a head, and here he is," explained Karen Kovacs of the California Department of Fish and Game, to the Associated Press. "He appeared very healthy."

OR7 was seen and photographed on a hillside from a distance of about 100 yards, and the picture is the first color photo taken of the wolf.

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