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California hits new high in solar energy generation

David McNew/Getty Images

As reported by GreenTechMedia, California has hit a new record high for solar energy production. According to Stephanie McCorkle of the California Independent System Operator (CASIO), the record was set on June 8 with 849 megawatts of solar energy generated.

“We don’t know how to measure or predict where we’ll go next, since this is the first time we’re seeing numbers this high,” explained Steven Greenlee, a spokesperson for CASIO by telephone. “If anything, it shows that the state is making progress on meeting its goal of 33 percent renewable energy. That’s indirectly, because those numbers are counted differently. But it’s still very good news and evidence that we’re on the right path to greening the grid.”

Both McCorkle and Greenlee agree that record number is sure to go even higher over the course of the summer.

This information comes roughly at the same time as the announcement that solar has surpassed wind as the world’s top renewable energy investment, according to reports from both the United Nations Environment Programme and the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century.