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Why the Ballona Wetlands comment period got extended [UPDATED]

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44732 full

I mentioned that the Ballona Wetlands restoration project's comment period was extended, to October 23. Now I have a better idea why: local residents engaged their state and federal representatives to lobby on their behalf. 

State Senator Ted Lieu and US Representative Janice Hahn sent virtually identical letters to Jo-Ellen Darcy, assistant secretary for civil works for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They noted that the bulk of the first 45 days of comment were during "summer months" and that closing public comment the week of Labory Day might "unintentionally diminish the quality" of comments they'll get. 

Interestingly, they also asked for a public hearing "at a time and a place when interested community members might make their voices heard," by which I don't think they meant yesterday's meeting. 


[UPDATE, MONDAY 8/20: LA City Councilman Bill Rosendahl puts his own special spin on the letter his office sent to Dr. Dan Swenson of the LA District of the US Army Corps of Engineers.]

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