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Arroyos and Foothills Conservancy piles up money to protect Millard Canyon

Millard Canyon view
Millard Canyon view
al.hermann/Flickr Creative Commons

A land conservancy in Altadena has amassed nearly all the money it needs to purchase land in Millard Canyon, stoking hopes of hikers and trailseekers who want to roam over the arroyos and foothills it connects. 

The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy has voted to grant $100,000 to the Arroyos and Foothills Conservancy. That's on top $375,000 announced last month that the state Wildlife Conservation Board already gave to the Arroyos and Foothills folks, so they're on a bit of a roll.

The land the conservancy's targeting is 13 acres in Millard Canyon. According to the conservancy's website, it "would complete the preservation of the entire canyon north of Canyon Crest Road, leaving only two major unprotected canyons in Altadena." (The conservancy's been busy in the last year and a half, reports Altadena Patch, purchasing 2 more properties in Rubio Canyon as well.)

Neither of these Millard Canyon parcels are in the neighboring La Vina development, which is still the subject of litigation, but they are adjacent to it. (La Vina is at the top of Lincoln Avenue in Altadena, a gated community with a gated website to match.) The county and residents outside La Vina have skirmished with La Vina property owners over public access to trails and how open spaces is managed up there. 

According to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy's staff report, "the [Millard Canyon] parcels are within a riparian corridor, contain significant natural resources, and lie adjacent to Canyon Crest Road, a public road." Nine community groups, as well as several individuals and the landowner, have contributed to the fund in addition to the government-funded grants. 

The conservancy says it still needs $66,000 more to buy the land.