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Settlement at Monterey Park Superfund site caps legal responsibilities for former landfill's polluters


Just south of the 60 freeway in Monterey Park lies a former landfill that was declared a Superfund site in 1986. The EPA has won millions of dollars over 25 years for this site.

Federal officials say dozens of polluters will pay $1.6 million toward toxic cleanup at a Superfund site in Monterey Park. 

The former landfill opened after World War II and accepted solid, liquid, hazardous and toxic waste until the early 1980s, when it almost immediately became a Superfund site.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s newly-announced settlement is significant because it’s the last one for the Operating Industries site.

Over the last quarter century, more than a thousand polluters have agreed to hand over hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and cleanup. 

The site occupies two parcels on either side of the Pomona freeway. The larger south parcel was the actual landfill: authorities have capped it to keep rain from helping pollutants run off the site, and keep gasses from getting out. Clean-up for the less-polluted north parcel is underway.

Authorities and the property owner hope to prepare it for future development. 

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