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Goodrich settles at Rialto Superfund site, will clean TCE from soil & water

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After about a decade of litigation, the Goodrich Corporation has agreed to investigate and clean up toxic chemicals in soil and water at a site it used to operate in Rialto. 

The company has settled with Rialto, Colton, San Bernardino County, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to pay for a Superfund cleanup.

Goodrich isn’t the only company responsible for the pollution, but it is the largest. It developed and tested solid rocket fuel at the Rialto site 50 years ago.

Now Goodrich will install monitoring wells to test where the chemical TCE remains in groundwater. It’ll take federal scientists a couple of years to settle on the final cleanup plan. Goodrich will pay at least 21 million dollars to start work on the site. On top of that, it’s on the hook to finish the work called for in the final cleanup plan – and that could take 30 years and tens of millions of dollars more.

Goodrich does get one break. The EPA has proposed removing the Goodrich name from the Superfund listing – and call it simply the “Locust Avenue Site.”

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