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Rip out your lawn, then rip open an envelope of cash in LA

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Around 850 L.A. homeowners and commercial property owners have pulled out a million-and-a-half square feet of grass since the city started paying them to replace it with more drought-friendly options. The city wants to get rid of even more lawns, so the Department of Water and Power is sweetening the pot.

Four years into the program, the DWP has upped how much you'll be paid to replace your lawn, from $1.50 per square foot to $2.

Two bucks a square foot can mean a few thousand dollars in the pocket of the average homeowner, and the DWP hopes that will boost interest. And you don't have to replace it with gravel and cacti.

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L.A. recognizes the same wide menu of lawn alternatives that other utilities do, including shrubs, vines, trees, succulents and perennial plants. The utility will also kick in money for using weather-based irrigation systems and eco-friendly sprinkler heads.

To get a rebate, homeowners and commercial businesses must seek pre-approval for their proposed changes, and show the DWP what the lawn looks like now.

Details are on the LADWP's website.

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