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Groups sue state, Boeing to block disposal of radioactive debris

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A coalition of watchdog groups has filed suit against the state’s toxic regulators and the Boeing Corporation over cleanup at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory. They’re seeking to stop demolition debris from the decommissioned site from going to landfills and recycling facilities. 

Nuclear research and rocket testing have contaminated much of the Santa Susana site in Simi Valley. Boeing, NASA and the Department of Energy are slated to clean it up.

In Area IV, near where a partial nuclear meltdown and other serious incidents occurred, Boeing has been demolishing structures with the permission of the state Department of Toxic Substances Control and sending concrete, metal and other debris to landfills and recycling facilities.

Consumer Watchdog, the Committee to Bridge the Gap and environmental groups are asking a Sacramento judge to stop demolitions immediately. They argue lax oversight has enabled Boeing to use disposal sites not licensed to handle low-level radioactive material. Among their support material is an executive order signed by then-Gov. Gray Davis more than a decade ago prohibiting disposal of radioactive material in landfills.

Boeing says it’s complying with state environmental laws. And regulators from the Department of Toxic Substances Control are going on the offensive, saying the waste isn’t harmful to human health and that the allegations are irresponsible. Now the matter will be heard in Superior Court. 

Watchdog groups sue Boeing Corp., California DTSC over Santa Susana Field Lab demolitions

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