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AllenCo downplays violations, says it will respond to EPA notice

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The operator of a South Los Angeles oil production facility says it will respond to a notice of violations issued by Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday.

Federal regulators issued a press release and a copy of the violation notice, in which the EPA alleges that AllenCo’s University Park facility failed to meet Clean Air and Clean Water Act requirements.

“We saw the press release yesterday from EPA,” said Peter Wittingham, a spokesman for the company. “The actual notice was mailed to AllenCo, so as of today they have received it.”

Wittingham characterized the notice of violations as “administrative in nature.”

“They are all frankly record keeping, inspections or paperwork filing [violations],” he said. “But the company will definitely respond to them promptly and get that information to the EPA.”

Federal investigators asked AllenCo for documentation after an October tour during which some officials fell ill.

AllenCo's facility has produced around 27,000 barrels a year since 2010, according to records on file with the states Department of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources. The company has come under fire in recent months, as neighbors next to the facility have complained about fumes and odors in the area to environmental regulators. 

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