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California Drought News: Rain, rain wash away; snowpack reading; rain barrels

35624 full
35624 full

We got rain! (Obligatory and by now hackneyed caveat: it's not going to end the drought.)

  • Officials and residents around L.A. County are preparing for possible mudslides. (KPCC)
  • A slurry of polluted runoff — billions of gallons in volume — is sloshing toward a beach near you. You can help by picking up any trash you see outside your house before it's washed into the storm drain. (KPCC)
  • Further north, today's storm is expected to dump fresh powder in time for the February measurements of the snowpack. (Department of Water Resources)
  • All this water and plenty of drops to store: If you want to do your part to ease the drought in your own backyard, consider getting a rain barrel. (City of Los Angeles)
  • Meantime, farmers in the Central Valley are fighting back against plans to give them zero water from federally supervised reservoirs. (Sacramento Bee)
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