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California Drought News: More Brown, less nuts, and boom times for water witches

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Monday’s news saw March roar in like a lion, precipitation-wise, over the weekend. 

  • California precipitation made for an early Oscar joke. "For those of you watching around the world, it has been a tough couple of days for us here: It has been raining,” Ellen DeGeneres said. “We're fine. Thank you for your prayers.” (CBS)
  • Northern California will get some more storms this week, but these Bay Area storms will be smaller than the ones that drenched California all last week. (SFGate)
  • There’s so much more brown in the more recent pictures of water storage facilities than there is in the historic views, in a new set of images released by the state Department of Water Resources. (PolicyMic
  • Over the weekend, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the drought legislation, and talked drought (and pot) on Meet the Press. (KPCC, KPCC)
  • U.K. advice columnists Leo & Lucy tackle the question of whether it’s ethical to eat nuts from California in a drought, and offer alternatives to nut-loving non-squirrels:

Brave environmental experts are speaking up, saying that the fields now covered in nut trees need to lie fallow to conserve water. I say brave, because this would mean letting a cash-rich crop die. While the world market is screaming for more nuts there's likely to be very little appetite to do the right thing ecologically. (The Guardian

  • And the Associated Press notes that California farmers are keeping dowsers in business. Dowsers, or water witches, practice divination to locate water non-scientifically, including by using sticks (AP

If you’ve got an intuition about drought news, share it with us in the comments. 

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