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California Drought News: Food for thought next time you eat almonds, hydropower and more

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Today's journey through the drought reveals the growing impacts on California's all-important agricultural sector. But renewable energy offers a bright spot. 

  • California's all-important almond crop is making news this morning: Mark Bittman writes the beauty of the spring almond blossoms in the San Joaquin Valley belies the stark reality of their demand on local water supplies. (New York Times)
  • Jim Jelter says water-craving almonds have become California's second most profitable crop (only behind grapes). What happens when the global economy and Mother Nature collide? (MarketWatch)
  • The global supply chain of food won't be enough to offset the effects of California's drought, writes Dana Hull. Higher prices are coming to a supermarket near you. (San Jose Mercury News)
  • More than two years of drought have taken their toll on California's hydroelectric sector, but as Josie Garthwaite reports, other renewables are picking up the slack. (National Geographic)
  • The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors have passed a motion to build more stormwater capture projects. During the storms a couple weeks ago, existing systems snared enough water to supply 15,000 homes for a year. (KABC)
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