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California Drought News: Little bits of rain that we can steal

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75854 full

Will Californians head out to see Aronofsky's "Noah" just to remember rainier times?

  • Rain and snow are supposedly coming today. It'll be much less than last time. Southern California will see light rain if any. (San Jose Mercury News / AP)
  • Turns out water is pretty easy to steal. A new law is designed to help stop that. This article also contains a good explanation of how water rights work.
Having a water right means you don’t have to buy water from somebody else. Instead, the water is free and you control access. Junior water rights usually include a nominal annual fee paid to the state, but otherwise the same easy access applies. This differs from homeowners or water contractors who pay a monthly fee that varies according to how much water they consume – and who, if they don’t pay, see their water cut off. (Sacramento Bee)
  • The salmon have begun their migration! In trucks. That emergency plan we've been talking about? Apparently it's on. (Bloomberg)
  • The Silicon Valley and some cities are going from voluntary to mandatory 20 percent cutbacks. They'll have to make up the loss through conservation and pumping more groundwater. (San Jose Mercury News)
  • And finally, more on making money during the drought. Some TIAA-CREF experts run down the pros and cons of investing in farmland. (Pensions & Investments)
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