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California Drought News: Rain, lightning, snowpack measurement

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Why's the ground all wet out here? Who's been wasting water? Oh right, rain...

Well, let's freak out about it:

  • Lightning strikes airplanes! While that does sound terrifying, it happens frequently. Planes are designed to withstand strikes. (AP via San Diego 6)
  • Why not just celebrate the news that WE GOT RAINED ON?! Storms caused some minor flooding in the Bay area but didn't stop a baseball game. More wet stuff to come tonight. Maybe this time we'll get more than .04 inches downtown. (San Jose Mercury News)

Ok, enough about the rain. Drought's still on.

  • Today is snowpack measurement day, and it's the big one of the season. National Geographic has a great explainer of the process, complete with cool pictures, because National Geographic.
Tuesday's public test takes place near Highway 50, near a log cabin belonging to the descendants of Joseph Phillips, who first settled the region in 1859. The area was a favorite route of early Gold Rush explorers seeking easier paths into California. (National Geographic)
  • Taking a page from LA, Sacramento is now paying homeowners to replace their lawns with more drought-tolerant landscaping. Apparently, it's causing a little anguish. (Modesto Bee)
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