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California drought news: Third lowest snowpack, the economics of drought, and strawberries!

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  • Tuesday's snowpack measurement -- the most comprehensive of the year -- revealed this year is not the lowest on record,  but it's little comfort as drought persists. (San Jose Mercury News)

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  • UCLA's Anderson Forecast weighed in on the economic impact of drought. It finds on the one hand, California industries and people are adaptable when it comes to drought. As AP's Robert Jablon writes...

"The fact is, aridity and recurrent drought, if expected or normal, are not a detriment to economic growth. Arid states in the U.S. over the past decade have not performed worse than their wetter brethren," said a section of the report by Anderson Senior Economist Jerry Nickelsburg. "Agriculture, industry, fisheries and households are not passive players in this game but react to drought-based incentives."

"If the drought is like the ones we had before, which are plentiful in California, then the data suggests it's not a big deal economically," said Edward Leamer, director of the UCLA forecast. "If this is really a climate change, that is a different story."

  • Meantime, the warm, dry winter ushered in strawberry season two weeks early in the San Joaquin Valley. (Fresno Bee)
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