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California Drought News: Whitewater rafting, Lady Gaga and one enormous flush

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Thursday's sereation roundup reassures thrill seekers and tattles on some water wasters.

  • The World Resources Institute has compiled a map of water-stressed regions. They made it by comparing dry areas with their typical water usage. Any guesses where LA ranks along the scale? (U.S. News & World Report)
  • Things may be dry in the state, but it won't stop the whitewater rafting season this year. Paul McHugh has a guide to the state's likely better spots.
"People in the media were really yammering about California's drought in February, but our conditions have improved a lot since then," says Arnie Chandola, owner of American Whitewater Expeditions. "It's pretty healthy on the South Fork now. We've been guaranteed raft-able flows there Saturday to Monday until the end of May, and then flows five days a week during the summer." (San Jose Mercury News)
  • Need more proof that California is the produce aisle of the country? Arizonans are feeling the pinch from our sereation. (CBS 5 Phoenix)

Waste and waste

  • Security cameras caught a Portland teenager urinating into one of their reservoirs. Now, they're going to drain 38 million gallons of water. Must be nice living in such a damp area:
In the meantime, Shaff said the city has plenty of water to meet demand. "It's easy to replace those 38 million gallons of water," Shaff said. "We're not in the arid Southwest. We're not in drought-stricken parts of Texas or Oklahoma." (Sacramento Bee)
  • And finally, everyone's favorite monster-mother is making headlines (well, one headline). Lady Gaga used a swimming pool in a recent music video shoot. Turns out, it wasn't as wasteful as it could've been. (Fox News)
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