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California Drought News: Forecasting a sushi drought

Photo by Lorenia via Flickr Creative Commons

Roundup dryku:

As snowpack counts end
We'll fret over sushi rice
And next year's salmon

  • For the first time ever, the East Bay Municipal Utility District has begun pumping water from the Sacramento River for the Bay Area. (NBC Bay Area)


  • One of the hottest days of the year so far, but snow is still on some people's minds. That's because it's the last snowpack count of the year. It's probably going to be a dismal report. (AP via San Diego Union Tribune)

Sushi futures:

  • First, Marketplace takes a look at rice farming in California and the impacts that the drydel is having on prices. It may eat away at our ability to export the stuff in the future:
Ninety-seven percent of California’s rice is grown in the Sacramento Valley, including at Montna Farms, where a huge drag scrapers level fields in preparation for planting. Nicole Van Vleck says medium grain rice will grow here, which is perfect for sushi.

“If you’re eating sushi rice in New York, or in Florida, or San Francisco you’re most likely undoubtedly going to be eating California rice,” says Van Vleck. (Marketplace)
  • Also, the commercial salmon season begins today. The good news is that this year's haul is likely to be decent, as it takes years out in the ocean for salmon to grow. The bad news will hit us in a few years when we see how the drydel impacted this year's young fish. (Sacramento Bee and LA Times)

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