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Devastating sea star disease now seen in Oregon

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We've reported on the mysterious disease that's wiping out sea star populations in Southern California. Instances of the wasting disease that causes affected animals to disintegrate into milky white goo has been seen along the West Coast as far north as Alaska. 

Reports of the spread had been somewhat patchy, but the Oregonian reports that it's getting more filled in, at least along Oregon's coast:

The divers were about 25 feet deep when they found starfish with severe signs of wasting disease. Some were disintegrating into white goo and dropping arms. It’s the first major discovery of dying starfish on Oregon’s coast. Until now, just one tide pool site with a few dying starfish had been found near Yachats last year. 

Divers and beach visitors are encouraged to report instances of the disease that they find. That information will help researchers better understand the spread of the disease.

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