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California Drought News: Heat exacerbates drought woes, 'king almonds,' and more

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Here comes the sun, and how...

  • High temperatures are expected to increase Southern California's drought woes. The lack of moisture in the soil will make this week's triple-digit heat wave feel even hotter, as our colleague Meghan McCarty explains (KPCC). 
  • Despite the drought and tight water supplies farmers continue to plant almond trees, which require double the amount of water as grapes but are more profitable (Fresno Bee).
  • The state capitol building is trying to set an example for the rest of California by not watering the lawn in downtown Sacramento's Capitol Park. Crews will still water the trees, though, some of which date back to the state's founding. (Sacramento Bee).
  • Nearly 325,000 customers in Riverside County were asked to limit their water use this weekend while crews made emergency repairs to a water line. (AP)
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