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California Drought News: Fireworks, fog and forsaken campgrounds

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Today's dryku:
Illegal fireworks
Holy grail for teenage boys
Mordred to dry brush

Keep sending in those drykus to @kpccdryku. In the meantime, Tuesday's drought news is all about ruining your holiday plans:

  • Memorial County Park in Loma Mar is closed to camping. Low creek levels mean not enough water to support overnighters, and so all 154 tent sites have been closed. June camping's done. It's likely the rest of the summer will be the same way.
The 499-acre park, nestled in the redwoods along Pescadero Creek, will remain open for daytime visits. However, restrooms with plumbing have been closed, and portable toilets with washing stations have been brought in. (SF Gate Blog)

Ooh! Aah! AAUUGHH!!!

  • July 4th is coming up fast. That means days off, barbecues and valuing freedom. Just kidding — it's about the fireworks. CBS Sacramento answers why fireworks sales won't be banned this year, considering the drought's made the state into a tinderbox. The answer is that they don't want to penalize responsible vendors when it's illegal fireworks that are the danger. (CBS Sacramento)

Answers in the mist?

  • NationSwell directs us to a neat story we missed. Some MIT researchers have developed a cheaper and more effective method for harvesting water from fog — up to 10 percent of it. They tested it in a Chilean desert and see more global potential: (NationSwell)
[These] high-efficiency fog collectors have the potential to boost water supply in dry parts of Saudi Arabia and India where westerly winds carry warm, humid air towards elevated coastal lands. McKinley even foresees a scenario not so far off in the distant future where locals in San Francisco start to look into similar methods for harvesting the thick fog cover that blankets large swaths of the bay as a way to replenish water shortages that, over the years, have become increasingly severe. (Washington Post)

Conservation quick hits:

  • We've been getting some mixed messages about how much water Northern California is using. Experts now say NorCal's cut back by 18 percent. (KCRA)
  • Last week, the NRDC released a report saying we could save up to 14 million acre feet of water. The president of the California Farm Bureau Federation says conservation's not enough. (Modesto Bee)
  • Mark Koba tells us why most Americans don't care about our drought. (CNBC)

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