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Whole Foods Market: Sustainable seafood only

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Whole Foods Market has announced that as of Earth Day 2012, stores will no longer sell seafood from depleted waters or collected through environmentally damaging means.

As reported by Treehugger, the Austin, Texas based grocery store chain is banning all seafood that is rated red, as in “avoid,” by a color code established in partnership with the Blue Ocean Institute and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Green is the highest rating or “best choice,” for abundant species caught in environmentally friendly ways. Yellow is a “good alternative,” although there might still be concerns with catch methods or species status.

“They'll be the first (and so far only, but we hope that will change) national grocer to do so,” says Carl Safina of the Blue Ocean Institute to the Huffington Post. “Their original target date was one year from now. But they're so committed, they got there a year early.” Whole Foods Market has been working with the Marine Stewardship Council since the late ‘90s on sustainable seafood certification.