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Global Green counts (and cuts) Rust Belt carbon

Santa Monica-based Global Green USA has focused in recent years on projects like rebuilding in New Orleans: working to help that city back, and make it thrive. Now they've turned their attention toward cities that aren't thriving in America's Rust Belt: specifically, Youngstown, Ohio. 

I talked to Global Green's Walker Wells about the project late last week. He told me that Jack Scott, the former head of Parsons in Pasadena, grew up in Warren, PA and went to Youngstown State. WIth the idea of giving something back, he held an engineering and energy conference in Youngstown - and Matt Petersen from GlobalGreen went. That's how the Santa Monica based group that's the US arm of the Gorbachev-founded Green Cross International found its way to the city alongside the Mahoning River.  

"It's one of the few places in the rust belt that seems to have determined that the past is not prologue for is future," Walker Wells told me. "A lot of these places are still in this kind of anguish and nostalgia for lost industry and the glory days of the lost smokestacks and brown skies will somehow be revitalized."