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Rock lobsters: Rainbow of colored crustaceans on the rise

Once considered an exceedingly rare occurrence, reports of live lobsters sporting an array of unusual colors are becoming increasingly common. According to the Associated Press, lobsters that are blue, orange, yellow, white and even two-toned are being caught in fishing nets along the East Coast up to several times a month. As to why there are so many more instances of the genetically mutated lobsters, experts say it’s anybody’s guess.

“Are we seeing more because the Twitter sphere is active and people get excited about colorful lobsters?” said Michael Tlusty, research director at the New England Aquarium in Boston to AP. “Is it because we're actually seeing an upswing in them? Is it just that we're catching more lobsters so we have the opportunity to see more? Right now you can make a lot of explanations, but the actual data to find them out just isn't there.”