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What KPCC reporters do with old batteries, and whether we should recycle them



Rechargeable batteries, alkaline batteries, zinc oxide...they all come from and go to different places.

It happened again. I heard the familiar plunk of AA batteries going into the trash in our newsroom in Pasadena. I won't name the guilty party, but I will say it's an ongoing challenge for us. We're just like the rest of California, after all. So I won't name the scofflaw among us who said, "Uh, I just throw them in the trash. Horrible, I know." Another colleague: "I feel bad tossing them but have no idea what else to do with them!" And another muttered: "Sometims reclid, some teems trahs." [translation: sometimes recycling, sometimes trash.]

But battery recyclers will be relieved to know that Adolfo Guzman Lopez, one of our education reporters, has been educated well on recycling; he does it at our downtown bureau. 

Riverside bureau chief Steven Cuevas wrote: "I just toss mine off the Santa Monica pier whenever I'm in town." (Just kidding, Heal the Bay!) But what he really does is use "rechargeable only for field equipment. Old household batteries we out aside and take to a location in Riverside." So basically, at least one of us gets it right. I like rechargeables, too. "Only way to go. AA prices are nuts," Cuevas notes.  


NBA All-Star Game helps clean up Orlando

Mercer 15145

Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Blake Griffin from the L.A. Clippers is among the all-stars heading to Orlando this weekend.

Much like Hollywood making green amends during the week leading up to the Academy Awards, the National Basketball Association is maximizing their time in Orlando, FL, the host city for this year’s NBA All-Star Game.

With the game itself happening this Sunday, it was last weekend that the NBA teamed up with Sprint and city of Orlando, Keep Orlando Beautiful and Creative Recycling to present the All-Star E-Recycling event. As reported by Earth 911, the NBA set up shop last Saturday at Orlando Festival Park to collect electronic waste, including TVs, computers, mobile devices and more. The big draw was that for every car dropping off e-recyclables was given a free pair of tickets to the four-day NBA All-Star Jam Session, a massive interactive event happening this weekend. It’s where fans can participate in a wide variety of activities and meet NBA stars in town for the big game.