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Life’s a beach? California wants to charge for (some) Sonoma Coast access

Mercer 18000

Photo courtesy of Flickr user The City Project

If California State Parks has its way, spending the day at some Sonoma Coast beaches will cost more than just a tank of gas and a bottle of sunscreen. As reported by the Press Democrat, the parks department wants to charge visitors a fee of $8 a day to park their vehicles at 14 beaches along the Sonoma Coast, including Bodega Head and Salt Point State Park.

With budget cuts and backlogged maintenance deferments totaling north of $1 billion, officials say the daily use fees are a necessity just to keep the beaches open and provide amenities like restrooms and picnic tables, as well as possibly reopening beaches that have been shut down.

"I would hope that eight bucks is reasonable for people to come out and enjoy the parks and to help keep these areas open," said Linda Rath, superintendent of the Russian River District for state parks to the Press Democrat.