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New report finds more than three million green jobs in America

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A new report from the Labor Department says that America boasts 3.1 million green jobs, accounting for 2.4 percent of the country’s workforce. This is the first time the department’s Bureau of Statistics has measured eco-friendly jobs, and environmental groups are applauding the effort.

"Critics and politically driven naysayers have been trying to convince us that clean energy and green economy jobs are a hoax," said Bob Keefe, spokesman for the Natural Resources Defense Council to the San Francisco Chronicle. He predicts those numbers will increase to grow "as long as we don't let entrenched interests stop it."

While California has the most of those jobs at 338,000, Vermont comes in with the highest percentage of them at 4.4 percent. These numbers are the result of the first part of the report covering “output based” jobs, like producing goods. Another report tallying “process based” green jobs, like recycling, is still to come.


The iron is hot and the gas is expensive: CODA's first cars roll off the assembly line

CODA Automotive

Los Angeles-based CODA's first all-electric sedans rolled out at its Benicia facility as oil prices strike fear into politicians and consumers alike.

Pacific Swell loves revisiting stories, companies and issues KPCC has covered before. This week it's CODA Automotive. I profiled the Mid-City LA-based company in a story earlier this winter.

CODA clearly believes the best response to the national debate about rising gas prices is to offer a car for sale that needs no gas. "Never has the case for what we do been clearer," said Mac Heller, the company's executive chairman, in Benicia, according to a press release.

Dealerships in Silicon Valley (Del Grande Dealer Group) & San Diego (Marvin K. Brown) will soon offer CODA sedans for sale. In Los Angeles, CODA doesn't seem to have set dealer locations yet, but the company did put its first "experience center" in the Century City Westfield Mall. CODA touts the economic value of the cars themselves AND the jobs it has placed in California--building, marketing and developing them