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Starbucks introducing earth-friendlier hot cup sleeves

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Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

In another example of little things meaning a lot, the Starbucks is launching the EarthSleeve, a new hot cup sleeve the coffee company claims will potentially save close to 10,000 trees.

According to a company press release, the EarthSleeve was developed for Starbucks by LBP Manufacturing in conjunction with Henkel, and uses 34 percent less raw fiber material with a full 25 percent increase in recycled materials. Given the company’s overwhelming share of the American coffee market, this cup sleeve upgrade is poised to make a considerable environmental and industry difference.

“At Starbucks we are constantly looking to innovate in ways that make our world a better place,” said Cliff Burrows, president of the Americas for Starbucks in a statement. “This product represents how the integration of our environmental values and collaboration with like-minded organizations can create significant impact.”