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“Fix A Leak Week” is coming to California

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It’s time to tighten up, California. Your faucets, that is. The Environmental Protection Agency and California American Water are teaming up to remind state residents simple yet effective ways to conserve water (and save money) with “Fix A Leak Week,” to be observed March 12-18.

“A leaky faucet or sprinkler may not seem like a big deal to the individual resident,” California American Water Northern Division General Manager Andy Soule said in a Yahoo! Finance report. “But when you take your leaky faucet and add it with your neighbor’s leaky showerhead and his neighbor’s leaky toilet and so on, you’re talking about an enormous amount of water being wasted on a national level.”

According to the EPA, that adds up to more than a trillion gallons of water wasted annually across America, which breaks down to about 11,000 per residence.