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I nerd out with EPA's new greenhouse gas database so you don't have to

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Carbon footprints designed by Christian Guthier for a climate change campaign at the UN Global Climate Change conference in Poznan.

It's a start, anyway. Today, the Environmental Protection Agency releases a new national greenhouse gas database, made up of self-reported data from 9 groups of polluters around the country: refineries, power plants, chemical facilities, "other industrial" facilities, landfills, metals, minerals, pulp and paper plants, and government and commercial sites. We've got plenty of those here, and it's a fun tool to play around with if you're interested in the climate impacts of industry.

Though it probably won't surprise you. Let's give it up for the BP Carson refinery…which reported 3,960,504 metric tons of carbon dioxide released and 492.652 metric tons of hydrogen produced in 2010. LA County's big footprint winner! Orange County can barely compete: combined GHG emissions for AES Huntington Beach, the biggest polluter behind the Curtain, are just over 14% of that: 572,203 metric tons of greenhouse gas released in 2010.