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Younger Americans are driving less

Chris Yarzab/Flickr/Creative Commons

According to a new study, teens and young adults across the country are choosing alternative means of transportation over hopping behind the wheel of an automobile.

The report, “Transportation and the New Generation,” found that younger Americans are driving “substantially fewer” miles than previous generations, often not even bothering with acquiring a driver’s license, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Released by the CalPIRG Education Fund, the study says that mass transit, biking and walking are the preferred methods of getting around.

In hard numbers, the report details how from the year 2001 through 2009, the average number of miles driven by people aged 16 to 34 fell by 23 percent. Also during that time, the same demographic of people increased their public transit mileage by an impressive 40 percent.


Occupy LA's green demands demand green, encourage debate?

Eric Zassenhaus

Protesters demonstrate before Los Angeles' City Hall on Sunday, October 2, 2011

Media outlets spend so much time covering the mechanics of protesting and the tactics and strategies of Occupy protesters and cops that we don't always catch non-participants up on what's happening. But working over the holiday weekend, I was interested to hear a real list of grievances, some of which could actually relate to my beat.

Of the unaddressed grievances that Occupy LA protesters have approved at a General Assembly, fully 20 percent of them directly imply environment and climate policies. I'm referring to a list that circulated at a meeting last Wednesday, November 23, rejecting the city's call for Occupying of City Hall Park to end.

One of the grievances is a demand for mass transportation.

Number 10:

A world class transit system which addresses our debilitating traffic problem and restores the quality of life in Los Angeles.