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FCC moving towards first review of mobile phone radiation standards in 15 years

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Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

If you’ve ever wondered what if any affect the radiation from your mobile phone/device has on the human body, pressures are mounting for the FCC to find out. As reported by Bloomberg, Julius Genachowski, the Federal Communications Commission’s director, has proposed that the agency review its safety standards regarding mobile-phone radiation, the first such review since 1996, when the initial standards were set. Considering the vast advancements in mobile phone technology (not to mention the increased number of users) over the past 15 years, some would say such a review is long overdue.

“I’d say it’s taken this long for a new review to happen because of pressure from the cell phone industry,” said Renee Sharp, a senior scientist with the Environmental Working Group when reached by phone. “They’ve actually been lobbying to have the standards weakened, if you can believe it. They’re a very powerful group. We’re almost certain that they made sure the U.S. wasn’t part of Interphone, which is an international effort to begin asking the question could cell-phone radiation be causing brain tumors.”