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Wily ways: Two Palm Desert women bitten by urban coyotes in 10 days

When a 69-year-old woman was bitten on the back of the leg by an “urban” coyote during a routine morning walk through her Palm Desert neighborhood, it marked the second such incident in the area in less than two weeks.

"I looked, and I said 'Oh my goodness,' and there he stands, very calm, nonchalant," said Amy Williams to of her confrontation with the wild animal after feeling something hit her leg during the pre-dawn stroll. "Not afraid of me at all. I think I was a little more nervous than he was."

Another human-coyote encounter occurred in the area recently when a woman, also 69 years old, was bitten while working in her backyard on June 14.

"The first lady was just gardening and it was in the evening. The coyote bit her. She thought she had gotten poked by a cactus in her garden," said John Welsh, Riverside County Animal Services spokesman to ABC-7.