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One reason why they're occupying the port today: the Southern California Intermodal Gateway

Mercer 20273

Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

A capital project that would help the harbor complex take in more containers is under fire from the Occupy movement.

The protest action at the harbor complex will include objections about how the ports are handling environmental quality issues. Occupy may be targeting SSA Marine and a port shutdown in Long Beach, but another piece of the puzzle considers goods movement. 

Among the Occupiers at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles today will be people who live in Wilmington, Long Beach, and Carson. Reductionist characterizations of Occupy and Occupiers make them out to be fools without demands. These people have a specific thing they're unhappy about at the port. They want the Port of Los Angeles to stop developing a 153-acre shipping facility in west Long Beach called the Southern California Intermodal Gateway. They say that doing so would "protect the health of workers and communities against global corporate practices that pollute and exploit local communities."