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Greenpeace launches star-studded campaign to save the Arctic

Sir Paul McCartney, Livia Firth, Jack White, Bianca Jagger, Richard Branson and Radiohead are among the 100 notable names that have teamed with Greenpeace to launch new global campaign, Save the Arctic. The goal of the initiative is to protect the high Arctic from unsustainable fishing and oil drilling, calling for the area to be legally protected by the United Nations. This move comes at a time when the Shell oil company is actually getting ready to begin exploratory drilling in Alaska.

"The Arctic is one of the most beautiful and last untouched regions on our planet, but now it's under threat,” said Sir Paul McCartney in a Greenpeace press release. “Some countries and companies want to open it up to oil drilling and industrial fishing and do to the Arctic what they've done to the rest of our fragile planet. It seems madness that we are willing to go to the ends of the Earth to find the last drops of oil when our best scientific minds are telling us we need to get off fossil fuels to give our children a future. At some time, in some place, we need to take a stand. I believe that time is now and that place is the Arctic."