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Three ways to green up your Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day, no-one!

If you're not planning a St Lamentine's Nay for yourself, environmental groups have figured out how to capitalize on your love to get their message out. These are the most clever ploys. 

1. The best things in life are free…go spend time with the person you love. If Encinal Canyon in Malibu is crowded, you can blame Heal the Bay. Their Valentines’ day beach guide for ocean lovers chooses “top spots for healthy romance” along the west coast. Encinal Canyon and the other 9 spots are A water-quality grades on the Heal the Bay Beach Report Card, which is why they made the grade for the list. They also say where to avoid: stay out of The Pit, Santa Barbara. And as a born San Franciscan, Ocean Beach seems awfully, uh, breezy for a V-day cuddle. But Morro Rock is an excellent spot, in my personal experience. Get in the car now! (Or check their report card list for your favorite spot.) A minor but salient fact: 80% of them are in California, so suck it, Pacific Northwest!