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Coachella introduces “Recyclosaurus Rex”, the trash-eating dinosaur

Mercer 19267

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The three-day musical bacchanal known as the Coachella Music & Arts Festival is famous for eclectic line-ups and superstar reunions. But really, Coachella is all about the experience. As tastes and line-ups evolve over the years, the demand to be on the polo fields has reached an all-time high (I’m even convinced they could sell that thing out without a line-up at all).

Happily, Goldenvoice (the promoters of the event) go above and beyond to insure that the Coachella experience is not only memorable but also environmentally responsible. The trash and assorted detritus left behind after the festival is rather staggering, so Goldenvoice has employed the services of non-profit organization Global Inheritance, who maintain the festival’s recycling and sustainable efforts.

Coachella also has a knack for everything fun, and this new on-site recycling effort is definitely that: “Recyclosaurus Rex”, a 20-foot tall “half robot/half dinosaur” that will be roaming the grounds “eating” empty cans and bottles.