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Greencore: L.A. hardcore band It’s Casual rock out for the MTA’s Red Line

Mercer 21182

David McNew/Getty Images

Passengers wait to board a North Hollywood-bound Red Line MTA train.

If there’s one thing all L.A. residents know intimately, it’s traffic. Our fair city is legendary for it, but the harsh reality of getting around Los Angeles behind the wheel is often the very definition of stress. Yes, I’m speaking from experience.

Thankfully, L.A. does have a working public transportation system, the Metropolitan Transportation. Before you go in with the snarky comments about it working, trust me: it does. Try getting across town in my beloved home city of Detroit publically, and then come talk to me.

For Boyle Heights hardcore band It’s Casual, living and working in Los Angeles on the MTA is not only a way of life, but the inspiration behind the band’s new album, The New Los Angeles Part I: Through The Eyes Of A Bus Rider, scheduled for release on March 13. Adamant about sending “a green, pro-public transportation message across the globe,” the album’s first single is an aggressive anthem “The Red Line,” which eschews the virtues of hopping the bus and reminding us that indeed, “the freeways are not so nice.”