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I am the Lorax movie, and I speak for [place product here]: a greenwashing fail for Mazda & Seuss

So, just last night I was saying that Colbert Report flavor is preferable to original Daily Show flavor, in terms of shows that make fun of the world at night in a pointed and witty way. And then this happens. Stephen Colbert makes fun of the forthcoming movie The Lorax in this clip. 

From top to bottom, it's a pretty wicked satire. Colbert mocks the book The Lorax not only for being a book, but also for being "an environmental screed about a little orange tree hugger trying to kill the good Thneed producing jobs."

After proclaiming that "everybody knows the more tie ins, the more good something is," Colbert then plays the best tie-in of all: Mazda's CX5 crossover SUV commercial. (He gleefully calls the CX5 a hybrid in the sense that it uses "gas and oline.")

And it doesn't seem to matter that Audrey Geisel (Dr. Seuss' wife) is an executive producer on the film, so this is all authorized. It's all sort of blowing up in their faces,especially Mazda's