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For the truly troubled, the engineers, and the DWP faithful: the report on water main leaks

Overdue programming note: our own Patt Morrison talked to the LADWP's Jim McDaniel the other day, as well as Jean-Pierre Bardet; you can find their conversations on Patt's show site.

Also, if anyone else out there has a penchant for reading incredibly long reports broken up with occasional pictures and graphs, I've got you covered. Below is the independent third party report Bardet and his team presented to the city council earlier this week.

Incidentally, if Professor Bardet's name sounds at all familiar - it might be because we've talked to him at KPCC before. Last December I talked to him for a series I did about ideas of sustainability in Southern California; you can hear the conversation here. He mentioned the project at the time, but hadn't gotten the full results, including various pilot studies, finished then.


...adjourning in honor of Wilma Mankiller

[CORRECTED 6:48 PM, thanks to @ericgarcetti. I confused my Sugarbaker girls, though I had the right one in mind; Dixie Carter played Julia.]

I was home recovering from dental matters for a few hours today (deferred maintenance; neglect of my infrastructure), so I immediately turned to LA CityView Channel 35. I caught something most of us are spared, most of the time: the city council, adjourning in memory of people.

Adjourning in someone's memory is almost as great an opportunity for ceremonial bloviation as anything involving the calligraphers and the scrolls. But my soft chewy center is often touched by the regular and remarkable people who get the honor. Council President Eric Garcetti Tuesday adjourned in honor of Dixie Carter, mother to some friends of his, as well as badass Julia Sugarbaker on Designing Women. Then Councilwoman Janice Hahn adjourned in remembrance of Wilma Mankiller.


DWP board meeting on now

I'm down at the DWP meeting, tweeting about it at @KPCCmolly. My favorite AV guy is here, the sun is shining (though we can't see it), it's another day on the job. Now GIT (as the Green Cowboy himself might say)!


10 Things You Might Not Know Yet About Your Rising DWP Bill

To quote Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

The jargon is confusing; the terms can be redundant; different public officials use different words for the same thing. So: I've got a list of what you may not know from our brief reporting on DWP bills.

UPDATE, 5:22 PM: I can't link out to it, but know that it's out there in the world.