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San Diego Freeway brush fire flares back up

The 10-acre brush fire that scorched the side of the San Diego (405) Freeway in Bel Air Saturday apparently sprang back to life today, forcing firefighters to get back on a hillside, and closing one northbound lane over Sepulveda Pass.

   Motorists driving through the pass called in to report that smoke was rising from a freeway road cut just before 7 a.m., California Highway Patrol dispatchers said.

   The right lane of the five-lane northbound freeway was blocked off just north of the Getty Center interchange at the request of Los Angeles city firefighters at 7:15. The lane remained blocked three hours later.

   A city fire dispatcher said firefighters had remained at the freeway side all night in case such a flare-up erupted.``We're baby sitting this whole thing. We always have flare ups.

   ``No (new) activity over there,'' he said. ``Nothing major.''