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New parents and parents-to-be: What's your experience with family leave?

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Here's a question for all of you parents-to-be and parents of young children: How much maternity and paternity leave did you get?

Given how common pregnancy is, it's surprising that it's so challenging to determine how much time off – and pay – parents should get to care for their babies.

For proof, just type in to Google: "how much time maternity leave California"

Blog posts pop up (like this one and this one) written by mothers who pieced together the provisions of several laws, to maximize the time they could spend with their newborns and the pay they could earn while on leave.

You'll also find documents that outline family leave laws and rights in California, and the websites of several lawyers offering help.

There are also articles, like this one from the Center for Health Reporting, about the challenge of piecing these laws together.

Before I start reaching out to experts, I wanted to ask you: What's your experience with maternity and paternity leave? How did you make it work for your family? What sorts of questions do you have about leave?

Tell us in the comments section or email us at Your comments and questions could inform future blog posts.

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