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Sold-out Coachella Festival miraculously finds more tickets to sell – for lots of money

This afternoon, Coachella organizers announced they will be selling “a limited amount of VIP Tickets” for the sold-out festival at the Glass House Record store in Pomona. The shop is co-owned by Coachella founder Paul Tollett. The announcement continues, “tickets will be $650, cash only, two ticket limit.” So, that’s more than double what you would pay for a 3-day pass through Ticketmaster - if it had any left. And what do you get for that, ahem, “price adjustment”? Well according to, you get: access to “a separate VIP area near the main stage where there's a full bar…better food vendors, comfortable lounge areas…an elevated area with a side view of the main stage…private bathrooms.” It doesn’t get you an audience with Thom Yorke, Jay-Z or that guy in Muse. Or free food, booze, sunscreen or a giant “We’re #1!” sponge hand. But hey, clean bathrooms! Oh, and you get to act like an arrogant jerk around your way cooler friends who just jumped a fence and got in for free anyway.