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Goodbye, Car Talk

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Car Talk has been a staple of public radio for 30 years. Tom and Ray Magliozzi showed you could be funny and intelligent on public radio. After all, their raw material was two of the most important topics in America: cars and relationships. The brothers became part of our lives; part of our weekend routines.

But WBUR stopped producing new shows when Tom Magliozzi died in 2014. Instead, they repackaged it as a "best of." And now the producers are shutting down production of the show entirely. So, sadly, it’s time for us at KPCC to say goodbye. We'll air our final Car Talk this weekend: Saturday and Sunday, June 24 and 25.

KPCC will continue to offer Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, A Prairie Home Companion and many of the engaging, high quality programs you have come to trust and expect from KPCC. 

There will also be a few additions to the lineup that will greatly enhance our news, culture, and entertainment offerings.

Stay tuned to KPCC as we announce more of these new shows in the weeks to come.

And … if you still need your still need your fix of Car Talk, WBUR says podcasts of the best-of shows will continue, and you may continue to hear the show on other public radio stations as you travel.

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