#SoCalSoCurious: What have you always wanted to know about Costco?

Costco customers in Alhambra reach out to grab a slice of a moon cake. KPCC/Wendy Lee

Fact: People are obsessed with Costco. And while we all know about the free samples and $1.50 hot dogs, there’s still so much more we’d like to figure out when it comes to this giant retailer.

Whether you’re after insider tips on how to avoid crowds, curious about parking or dying to figure whether that whole “buy your casket at Costco” thing is real, we want to know your questions. We’ll work to answer them as part of our ongoing “SoCal. So Curious.” project. 

Your questions will be voted on by fellow community members, and they might help inform KPCC's programming online, on-air and in person. You can enter your question and contact information below.


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