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Officer Involved: KPCC's investigation into police shootings in LA County

Today on KPCC and we’re launching a series called “Officer Involved” that offers answers to some fundamental questions surrounding the use of lethal force in Los Angeles County:

How often do police here shoot civilians, and in what circumstances? How often are unarmed people shot? Is race a factor? What other patterns might there be?

KPCC wanted to report these facts as we covered a series of officer-involved shootings here and elsewhere, along with the resulting protests and dramatic rhetoric from all sides. These high-profile cases begged for context — were they aberrations or part of a pattern? — yet law enforcement agencies aren’t required to report such numbers or to look for trends.

Lacking official numbers, KPCC journalists decided to compile them independently. Our team obtained summaries from the L.A. district attorney, which investigates every use of lethal force by the county’s 45 law enforcement agencies, and added material from other public records, interviews and other research.


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KPCC in groundbreaking California public media election collaborative

Lucas Shaw votes during the Los Angeles County primary election on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at Saint Mary of the Angels in Los Feliz.
Maya Sugarman/KPCC

Today KPCC/Southern California Public Radio and three other California public media outlets are joining forces in a first-ever statewide collaboration for election coverage in 2016.

Beginning in January, KPCC will coordinate and share coverage of statewide races, ballot propositions and related issues with KQED/San Francisco, KPBS/San Diego and Capital Public Radio/Sacramento. We’re calling this alliance the California Counts Collaborative.

We’re excited about the collaboration, which will expand and improve our coverage across the state and add valuable voter voices, tools and resources along with our news reporting.

Why California Counts?

In presidential election years, California is considered a lock for the Democratic nominee and often shut out of the campaign conversation.


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KPCC Wins 'Best News Website' EPPY Award

After several weeks of in-depth and thorough judging, the Editor & Publisher team, along with a prestigious panel of 81 judges, voted and selected the 2015 EPPY Award finalists, including KPCC, for Best News Website with under 1 million unique visitors.
Editor & Publisher

This last October, Editor & Publisher announced its 2015 EPPY Awards Finalists. Now in its 20th year, this international contest honors the best media-affiliated websites. We are proud to report that for the third consecutive year, KPCC has been recognized in the Best News Website under 1 million unique monthly visitors category! It is the station's 10th EPPY overall. 

"Winning Best News Website is a special honor because it is an award that recognizes both form and content" says Alex Schaffert, Managing Director, Digital Strategy and Innovation for Southern California Public Radio. "People love public radio because of the substance of our reporting, but they also love the experience. They enjoy listening to rich audio stories, created not to just inform, but to delight. Our goal is to craft a similarly delightful experience for our digital products, making websites and apps that are warm, friendly, and inviting."


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And now, back to our regularly scheduled program...

KPCC staff showing our members love for making the latest fund drive a success - THANK YOU FAM!

KPCC’s Fall Member Drive ended last Friday, and the results are in: KPCC’s audience are some of the most passionate, inspired, and dedicated listeners in southern California and thousands of you came through with a pledge of support. We cannot thank you enough. As we told you so often during the drive, your membership is the strong foundation on which KPCC builds all of its programs that inform, engage, and unite.

But your membership is so much more than a financial contribution because public radio - and KPCC - is different. Not only in our programming and fundraising model, but in our partnership with YOU. As a member, you are a part of the KPCC community. You are a stakeholder. Together, we make this all work – and you are the reason we are here.

Whether you tune-in to be a part of the conversation on AirTalk or Take Two, listen to an in-depth interview on The Frame, attend an event in the Crawford Family Forum, become a source for the Public Insight Network, or get discounts with your Member Benefits card, you are actively engaged in making this community service better and more robust. You make us thrive. You keep us strong so everyone can benefit.


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Southern California Public Radio is turning 15, come join our birthday party!

AirTalk with Larry Mantle - Special 30th anniversary live broadcast. April 1, 2015 at KPCC's Crawford Family Forum.
Bill Youngblood/SCPR

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Southern California Public Radio. Thanks to the support of our loyal and generous listeners, we have achieved some considerable feats together. We have, in this short period of time, become the most listened to public radio station in the country.

In addition to this remarkable mission-driven audience growth, the following is a list of additional achievements made possible thanks to you, our listeners: 

- We now boast a broadcast presence that spans throughout Los Angeles, Orange,  and Ventura Counties, as well as the Inland Empire, Santa Barbara, the Coachella Valley, and Palm Springs.

- We received our fifth consecutive 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, the nation's largest and most-referenced evaluator of charities, demonstrating that we consistently execute our mission in a fiscally responsible way. 


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