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'Water' flows through KPCC

Interested in being part of our "water cohort"? More details at the end of this article.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

OK we did get some grief — the biggest rain in recent memory, just as KPCC launched our Future of Water series on radio, digital and social media, telling us how much hotter, drier and more water-challenged California will be by 2040.

That’s ok — the “Future” series isn’t about the current drought, but instead aims to go deeper and explore more profound changes.  The reporting has taken four of our reporters around the state to figure out what California will look like in the next 25 years -- specifically how the state’s relationship with water might change given the lessons of the current drought.

Researchers are telling us climate change will make California much hotter and much drier, even by 2040.  At the same time, the state is projected to add 8 million more residents. All three factors combined will put increased stress on our already taxed water supplies.


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AirTalk 30th Anniversary tour - next stop, Santa Barbara!

Larry and panel at the LA84 Foundation in West Adams for a conversation on the future of policing in Southern California; January 21, 2015; Photo Credit Bill Youngblood/SCPR;
Bill Youngblood

In case you’ve missed it so far, KPCC’s AirTalk with Larry Mantle is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, taking its convening power into communities all over Southern California for programs that have been recorded and broadcast as part of the show (11 am-1 pm daily).

Larry and the AT30 tour (yes, there should be a T-shirt) have been in Santa Ana, South L.A., Palm Springs,  Hollywood, Pasadena, Long Beach, North Hollywood, and Santa Monica, with capacity crowds everywhere. We’ve seen diverse, lively, intensely engaged audiences in each place, eager to be part of the conversation Larry has led each day with experts and everyday people for three decades.

We call AirTalk “the most interesting conversation in California,” and think the live programs demonstrate why KPCC does so many in-person events: We aim to be a civic connector for this amazing, vast, sprawling urban region, bringing people together to talk about things that matter for Southern California.


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The Frame and Telluride: Oscar indicators?

John Horn, host of The Frame, takes time for an oxygen boost (part of the gift bag for Telluride Film Festival ticket-buyers)

Most of us couldn’t get to the Telluride Film Festival — a long journey and expensive ticket — but gee, wouldn’t it have been great to visit the scenic mountain town in Colorado and gab with the people whose movies might end up being  Oscar winners?

Fear not, KPCC listeners, host John Horn of The Frame spent his Labor Day taking us all to Telluride (elevation 8,750) — taping 16 interviews in four days, seeing a bunch of movies and collecting sound for a feature on Quentin Tarantino’s "The Hateful Eight" which was shot in the area. Darby Maloney, the Frame’s editor, and assistant producer James Kim hit the ground running (get them some oxygen!) to help John capture as much of Telluride as they could on the whirlwind trip.

Telluride is a small festival with a big reputation — six of the past seven Academy Award winners for best picture had their debuts there. John has been attending for years, and the festival calls on him to moderate public discussions with filmmakers and actors. This year those sessions included director Scott Cooper and cast member Joel Edgerton from the Whitey Bulger biopic, “Black Mass,” and Michael Keaton, director Tom McCarthy and co-writer Josh Singer from the journalism-themed film, “Spotlight.”


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KPCC Underwriter Profile: Bricia Lopez

Fernando Lopez, left, his children Elizabeth, Bricia, Fernando, and Paulina Lopez, and wife Maria Monterrubio own Oaxacan restaurant, Guelaguetza.
Maya Sugarman/KPCC

Last week, we introduced you to KPCC member Donna Van Allen. We are grateful and proud to count on people like Donna as members of the KPCC family. We trust she is out there right now enjoying that nice ride of hers (with the AC on blast, stay cool out there Donna, it's going to be really hot this week!)

In addition to our members, we are also very grateful to count on the support of our underwriters.  Today we feature one of them, Bricia Lopez.  She is currently a partner at Guelaguetza, a Oaxacan restaurant in Los Angeles that earlier this year received the prestigious James Beard America's Classic Award. Bricia spearheads all operations alongside her three siblings. 

I have had the privilege of personally knowing Bricia for about four years. Not only is Bricia a successful entrepreneur and influential taste maker, she is a delightful and warm human being (a trait she shares with the rest of her family). Her unique perspective has added a valuable voice to many L.A. conversations, including a live event we produced last year on 5 recipes to make mom happy this mother's day.


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Meet Rebecca Plevin: She wants you to (successfully) navigate the health care system

Rebecca takes a selfie with her orthopedic surgery.
Rebecca Plevin

Rebecca Plevin covers health for KPCC in a very particular way: She focuses on how the health care system works for consumers. In the past year she has been talking with patients, doctors and others who want to open up the conversation about one of the biggest worries in health care — cost. As many people remark, we consumers know the price of most things we buy, but often that doesn't apply to health care. Yet as deductibles rise on health insurance and consumer choices multiply, we need help understanding how price should factor into our own decisions.

Rebecca has been out ahead of many other reporters in exploring these issues through stories such as this recent piece on Lee Tomlinson of Westwood, whose cancer pushed him into personal bankruptcy. She's won praise and encouragement from people in the health care system, and she's plunged boldly into all kinds of topics through her Impatient blog, radio stories and weekly Take Two show segments.


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