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KPCC Underwriter Profile: Bricia Lopez

Guelaguetza - 1

Maya Sugarman/KPCC

Fernando Lopez, left, his children Elizabeth, Bricia, Fernando, and Paulina Lopez, and wife Maria Monterrubio own Oaxacan restaurant, Guelaguetza.

Bricia Lopez

Bricia and a podium. Good combo.

Last week, we introduced you to KPCC member Donna Van Allen. We are grateful and proud to count on people like Donna as members of the KPCC family. We trust she is out there right now enjoying that nice ride of hers (with the AC on blast, stay cool out there Donna, it's going to be really hot this week!)

In addition to our members, we are also very grateful to count on the support of our underwriters.  Today we feature one of them, Bricia Lopez.  She is currently a partner at Guelaguetza, a Oaxacan restaurant in Los Angeles that earlier this year received the prestigious James Beard America's Classic Award. Bricia spearheads all operations alongside her three siblings. 

I have had the privilege of personally knowing Bricia for about four years. Not only is Bricia a successful entrepreneur and influential taste maker, she is a delightful and warm human being (a trait she shares with the rest of her family). Her unique perspective has added a valuable voice to many L.A. conversations, including a live event we produced last year on 5 recipes to make mom happy this mother's day.


Meet Rebecca Plevin: She wants you to (successfully) navigate the health care system


Rebecca Plevin

Rebecca takes a selfie with her orthopedic surgery.

Rebecca Plevin covers health for KPCC in a very particular way: She focuses on how the health care system works for consumers. In the past year she has been talking with patients, doctors and others who want to open up the conversation about one of the biggest worries in health care — cost. As many people remark, we consumers know the price of most things we buy, but often that doesn't apply to health care. Yet as deductibles rise on health insurance and consumer choices multiply, we need help understanding how price should factor into our own decisions.

Rebecca has been out ahead of many other reporters in exploring these issues through stories such as this recent piece on Lee Tomlinson of Westwood, whose cancer pushed him into personal bankruptcy. She's won praise and encouragement from people in the health care system, and she's plunged boldly into all kinds of topics through her Impatient blog, radio stories and weekly Take Two show segments.


KPCC Member Profile: June 2015 Mercedes Benz Sweepstakes Winner Donna Van Allen

Donna Van Allen and her partner Della

Levi Petree

KPCC sustaining member Donna Van Allen and her partner, Della.

Donna Van Allen

Levi Petree

Donna Van Allen checking out her new ride

Prior to our June 2015 Member drive, the KPCC Underwriting team was able to secure a 36-month lease agreement on a Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive from Rusnak/Arcadia, making it one of our most buzz-worthy sweepstakes prizes yet.  Over 34,000 members and listeners were entered, but emerging as the one lucky and excited winner was Ms. Donna Van Allen of Pasadena.  

Click on the link here to view Donna's enthusiastic reaction and , below, read the brief interview we conducted with her about her experience.

You’ve been a member for a few years now.  What drew you to become a regular KPCC listener in the first place?

Well, I really like the programming.  I really like the international news stories I hear.  It gives a great perspective on what’s going on in the world.  The slogan is “No rant, no slant”, so you know you’re getting the right kind of message.


Meet Our Team: Rebecca Nieto - Senior Producer for News

Rebecca Nieto is Senior Producer of News at KPCC, Southern California Public Radio

Great Uncle Charlie

Edgar Aguirre

The picture of Great Uncle Charlie that sits on Rebecca's desk.

Who decides the lineup of local news stories you hear on KPCC?  It’s a tough job in any newsroom, and doing it well requires calm under pressure, a love for all sorts of stories, characters and communities.

Southern California Public Radio has found that in Rebecca Nieto, our new Senior Producer for News. Rebecca manages our team of producers and newscasters and shapes how our updates sound across the day.  She works with our reporting desks to create a mix of stories that can keep the attention of listeners in the OC, LA, the Inland Empire and the coast.  

It’s the kind of action-filled duty Rebecca has focused on for more than 20 years.  Before SCPR, she worked in television at NBC4 and ABC7 in Los Angeles, shaping newscasts and working with reporters and news anchors.  At one point, Rebecca launched a new channel focused on California for the NBC network, collaborating with stations in San Diego, San Francisco and other west coast cities.  She also worked on a slew of award-winning long-form stories and breaking news events, including 9/11.


Welcome to the new Inside KPCC

Edgar Aguirre

Edgar Aguirre is Managing Director, External Relations and Strategic Initiatives at KPCC, Southern California Public Radio.

My mom has shared with me a fair share of colorful insights during our many conversations.  One of my favorite is a saying, translated from Spanish to English, that goes something like this: "Tell me who your FRIENDS are, and I will tell you who YOU are."  The  simple elegance of this statement captures the essence of how I like to describe KPCC.  

KPCC (Southern California Public Radio is the actual name of our organization) is the most-listened-to public radio station in Southern California, and if you are reading this post, chances are you are one of those listeners.  From the multiple conversations we have been fortunate enough to have with many of you over the years, we gather that you are a thoughtful, engaged and curious citizen.  

You care about the world around you, and you like to be "in the know."  You volunteer.  You are an involved member of your community.  There is a good chance that you have attended one of the many live events we have hosted in our studios in Pasadena or throughout Southern California over the last several years.  You enjoy listening to stimulating conversations and having tidbits of information that spark further similar conversations. And if you are still reading at this point, you are a KPCC friend.  My mom would be proud.