Kitty Felde |

Are you now or have you ever been a progressive?

Senator Jeff Sessions put the question out there. The Republican from Alabama said he was concerned about how the Constitution might be amended. And he asked about what he sees as a
“progressive legal movement” afoot in America today, something he described as “a dangerous philosophy.” He asked Kagan if she was - as one person described her - "a progressive in the mold of Obama himself."

Solicitor General Kagan said her politics are separate from her judgment.

Sessions continued, citing others who describe Kagan's politics as left of center. He asked whether she's a "legal progressive."

Kagan responded that she didn't know what the label means. She said people should be allowed to label themselves.

Sessions moved on to the question of allowing military recruiters on campus, but not before saying, "having looked at your record," he'd classify her as a "legal progressive."