Kitty Felde |

Televise Supreme Court hearings?

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Spector wants to televise the proceedings at that shiny white building across the street: the Supreme Court. He asked Sonia Sotomayor whether she'd approve of televising the high court. He renewed his call at today's Senate Judiciary hearing.

Solicitor General Elena Kagan readily embraced the idea of televised hearings.

Kagan said televising the Supreme Court could lead to a greater understanding of the court by the general public. She said it could be a good thing for the court, too.

Spector groused that even though there are some on the high court that don't like the idea, he's seen most of them on CSPAN selling their books.

Kagan added that televising the court would mean she’d have to get her hair done on a regular basis.

That got a big laugh. And that pleased Senator Spector who called her sense of humor both admirable and really important. He said we're looking for somebody who can moderate the court. "And a little humor would do them a lot of good."