Kitty Felde |

Just got this email about Kagan

I'm in the middle of the Kagan confirmation hearings and found this in my email in box:

"Breaking: Elena Kagan demanded sex-changes for Harvard students."

The story isn't quite as sexy as the headline, but here's some of the rest of the email:

"Elena Kagan teamed up with the Lambda "Trans-gender Task Force" as Harvard Law Dean overseeing the administrative team that forced Blue-Cross, Blue-Shield to provide sex-change operations as a paid benefit, including breast enhancement or breast-removal (but not yet genital mutilation) for students or faculty who suffer from "gender identity disorder." The partial sex-change operations must be fully covered by insurance premiums, as Kagan's administrators demanded they be funded as an 'equal right.'"

The email goes on and on.

But back to the hearing. NY Senator Charles Schumer is lobbing softball questions to the Supreme Court nominee.