Kitty Felde |

Attn Arnold: great gig available: MPAA still looking

The job was Jack Valenti's almost from the day he stopped working for JFK. Dan Glickman, A former Congressman and Secretary of Agriculture, was the most recent DC face of the Motion Picture Association of America. He was a very nice man, but you got the feeling he knew more about pork belly futures than box office numbers.

The buzz of late was that former Senator Bob Kerry was going to get the job. Sorry Wikipedia: he did NOT get the job. Kerry currently serves as head of The New School in New York. I met him back in 1992 when he was running for president. I think I was the only reporter at his event. He seemed very nice, but again not exactly the first person you think of to promote the needs of the film industry in Washington.

Here's my suggestion: a man who knows the worlds of Hollywood and politics firsthand, a man looking for a job come the end of the year - Arnold Schwarzenegger. Maria could return to journalism in the perfect network city. He has his own plane, so he won't have to rely on the one non-stop a day to LA out of Reagan National Airport. I can even recommend a lively Catholic church I think he'd like. Do I get a head hunter's finders fee?